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Bullhead City, AZ

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Latitude: 35.115643 -- Longitude: -114.588655

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Bullhead City has a desert climate, with a few inches of precipitation year-round. It is one of the United States's hottest cities during the summer, with an average July high of 109 degrees Fahrenheit degrees. The month with the most average precipitation is August, with 0.99 inch or 25 millimeters. Interestingly, Bullhead City is located on the always-flowing Colorado River, is cursed with high daily humidity, and yet has truly desert measures of precipitation. The town was originally known as "Hardyville", named after William Harrison Hardy, who worked as a postmaster, county supervisor and a member of the Territorial Legislature. When the railroad bypased the town, it quickly became a ghost town until the construction of the Davis Dam. The name "Bullhead City" is taken from "Bull Head's Rock", a rock formation along the Colorado River. During the days of riverboats, it was used as a navagation point. -- Source:

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Arizona Karate Instructor Celebrates 50 Years of Martial Arts

The Arizona Hombu, also known as the Arizona School of Traditional Karate, located on the border of Gilbert with Mesa, is home to World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall-of-Fame and North American Black Belt Hall-of-Fame inductee - Soke Hausel. Soke taught karate, martial arts weapons, self-defense, samurai arts, jujutsu and martial arts history for 30 years at the University of Wyoming prior to moving to Mesa Arizona in 2006.

Considered a teacher of teachers and awarded Instructor of the Year, International Instructor of the Year and Grandmaster Instructor of the Year by international martial arts associations and once even inducted into two Halls of Fame in the same year: one for martial arts and the other for geological sciences. The Grandmaster says he loves to teach martial arts, even after 50 years. 

In 1964, 50 years ago, Soke Hausel stepped into a dojo to learn to defend himself as a teenager who had long hair and found it was not popular to be different in those days. And he has been training and teaching ever since.
There are self-proclaimed grandmasters that have popped up all over the world in recent years who have no credibility. Soke Hausel was certified as grandmaster of Shorin-Ryu Karate (Seiyo Kai) by Zen Kokusai Soke Budo Bugei Renmei and Juko Kai International the only known legitimate federation in the Western World that certifies grandmasters.

As a martial arts instructor, he searches for ways to help his students enjoy martial arts and develop as much power as possible. He believes in the Tim the Tool Man Taylor Home Improvement School of More Power. He created several kata, some designed to develop punching and blocking power, some designed to develop kicking power, and others designed to use finesse. He modified many classical kata to make all techniques in the kata practical and usable for self-defense.

When a professor at the University of Wyoming, his karate, kobudo, self-defense and jujutsu classes were some of the more popular on campus and always had waiting lists for students to get in. He periodically taught self-defense clinics in gymnasiums filled with students, staff and faculty. Many self-defense clinics for women included instruction in common weapons: car keys, cell phones, magazines, tablets, computers, purses, pens, coins, books, belts, salt and pepper shakers, shoes, lipstick cases; recently he added  
duck calls from the Duck Commander as a self-defense weapon (no we are not expecting to be attacked by a flock of angry ducks, we are only trying to stimulate people's imaginations on the variety of weapons available to them).

At one clinic in Mesa, Arizona, a group of girl scouts brought their back packs to a clinic and emptied them on the floor. The girl scouts were in awe at how all of the contents in their backpacks could be used as weapons - and they trained with each content as a weapon of self-defense. He taught several martial arts groups use of hanbo along with kibo, the ASP, or expandable police baton and manrikigusari. The manriki is often thought to be a weapon of jujutsu or ninjutsu martial artists but members in these classes and clinics learned to use key chains, ropes and belts in similar techniques to the manriki and hanbo.

At a self-defense clinic for librarians in the Chandler Public Library, the Chandler employees were shocked to find they had been working in the midst of hundreds of weapons: library cards, staplers, pencils, pens, desk top name signs, books, magazines, world globes, etc.

At a recent clinic for a at the hombu in Mesa (on the border with Gilbert and Chandler) he taught the ladies to use their hands, fingers, elbows, knees and feet for self-defense along with using car keys and purses. The highlight of the clinic was when one of his students volunteered to let the ladies kick him in the groin and punch him in the ribs and stomach. Ryan Nemec, the volunteer, was recently awarded Male Martial Arts Student of the Year at the Juko Kai International Clinic in New Braunfels, Texas, where he learned a unique martial art known as Juko Ryu Kijutsu. Soke Hausel was very proud of his student's dedication and award.

One of the martial arts instructors at the dojo,  Dr. Neal Adam, Professor of Biology at Grand Canyon University, recently tested for Dai-Shihan and Rokudan (6th dan). Professor Adam has been a student of Soke Hausel's for more than 2 decades and trained under him at the University of Wyoming in the early 1990s and now at the Arizona Hombu in Mesa. To demonstrate his expertise and knowledge of martial arts, Dr. Adam developed kata for Nerdy Professors and also for Nebraska Corn Huskers. In these kata, Dr. Adam used his tools of trade - eye glasses taped together, pens, protractor, belt, shoes for self-defense. In another kata, he showed us how to use a corn cob pipe, corn cobs, suspenders, straw hat, etc. for self-defense weapons. This is the Okinawan way. In 1480 AD, King Sho Shin of Okinawa outlawed all weapons in his country, leaving his peasants totally open to invasion by Japanese samurai (sounds familiar), so the peasants developed kobudo using their tools of trade - oars, fishing poles, hooks, farming implements, etc for weapons.
Dai-Shihan Neal Adam with Corn Husker
Hausel is one of the highest ranked Shorin-Ryu instructors in the world resides and teaches martial arts in the East Valley of Phoenix. In December 2012, he was promoted and certified as junidan. This rank certification has only happened a few times since the modern martial arts ranking system was adopted by Jigoro Kana, the head-founder (grandmaster) of Judo in the 19th century. Hausel was also awarded Meijin (??) Wa-jutsu this past June 2013, a title awarded to few martial artists.

Along with these recognitions, he has been inducted into more than a dozen halls-of-fame around the world and was recently honored as a member of Marquis Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World. And this year is the 10th anniversary of his initial induction into Who’s Who in the World and the 20th anniversary since inducted into Who’s Who in the West and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering for research and scientific contributions to geology while at the Wyoming Geological Survey at the University of Wyoming, and also as a geological consultant. Just a few years ago, he was presented one of the highest honors in geology when he and six of his colleagues were presented the 2009 Thayer Lindsey Award at the PDAC convention in Canada.
So, 2014, is the Golden anniversary of Soke Hausel’s martial arts and his 40thyear anniversary since he became a geologist.

Soke Hausel poses with katana in traditional hakima

Karate Experts Train at Traditional Martial Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona

The Arizona Hombu in Mesa welcomed several yudansha (those of black belt rank) and senpai (senior students) from the Utah Shorin-Kai from Murray, Utah who flew in to train in advanced martial arts techniques and hanbo on May 3rd and May 4th, 2013. The Utah martial artists arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor from Salt Lake International airport on Friday morning and checked into a motel in Chandler near the Arizona martial arts training center at the border of Gilbert and Mesa (Baseline and MacDonald). Friday evening, the group led by Kyoshi Rob Watson, 8th dan, arrived at the martial arts facility and exchanged hugs, handshakes and greetings with members of the Arizona School of Traditional Karate and Soke Hausel, grandmaster of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu.

Jeff Schroeder uses hanbo to block strike by Kim Schroeder at the Arizona Hombu (NemecPhotos).
With greetings exchanged, the martial artists bowed in and began training with hanbo. The hanbo is essentially a 3-foot bo (stick) often seen carried by ninja or jujutsuka. Weapons similar to hanbo include tonfa, nitanbo and kioga. The kioga, also referred to as kibo, is a common tool of law enforcement agents referred to as ASP or expandable baton. The difference between use of the hanbo and kioga is that the hanbo is always of the same length. The difference between training between law enforcement officials and martial artists is that law enforcement training is very limited. But martial artists never end training of the tool and use it to activate pressure points and use it for blocks, strikes, restraints and throws. Following two hours of training with hanbo, the group retired until the next morning.

On Saturday morning, training began in advanced empty hand (karate) techniques. These included blocks, strikes, chokes, throws and restraints. The group trained for five hours before the clinic ended. At the end, Kyoshi Rob Watson, 8th dan and Renshi Todd Stoneking, 6th dan, presented gifts to Soke Hausel. Members of Arizona and Utah said their goodbyes and it was the consensus that time went by too fast. Soke Hausel will travel to Utah in the fall for the Utah gassuku (adverse training) at the East Canyon resort near Park City.

Professional photographs of the martial artists and martial arts at the Hombu clinic were provided by NemecPhotos. We are very thankful and appreciated by the excellent quality of the photography at this year’s clinic.

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Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts in Arizona

At the Arizona Hombu (Arizona School of Traditional Karate) in Mesa & Gilbert, Arizona, we teach a variety of classes and martial arts unmatched in the Phoenix Valley.

(1) Shorin-Ryu Karate: In addition to Okinawa Karate, we teach many kata (forms) with self-defense applications for every kata. These become powerful guides to teaching muscle memory and self-defense.

(2) Kobudo (Martial Arts Weapons). Karate and Kobudo were always taught together and we start you right away in learning kobudo. These were the farming and fishing implements used by Okinawans for self-defense. We have expanded this to include some modern day tools. We have a list of the weapons we teach at our school on our website. And we teach you actually how to use these - not how to twirl.

(3) Samurai Arts. Our Samurai Arts include the samurai sword (iaido and kenjutsu), the naginata (long pole with blade), yari (spear), hanbo (half bo), bo, manrikigusari (weighted chain or rope), jujutsu (throwing arts), and hojojutsu (restraining).

(4) Self-Defense. Our grandmaster has taught dozens of self-defense clinics all over the West and specializes in teaching people how to defend with their hands, feet, elbows, knees and common everyday weapons like car keys, books, computers, etc.

(5) Special Secret Arts. Soke Hausel has been training in martial arts for nearly 5 decades and has trained with a some of the top martial artists in the world. In special clinics, you can learn unusual arts including pressure point attacks, one-punch knockouts, tameshiwari (breaking rocks), tameshigiri (test cuts), shitaikori (body hardening). These latter arts are not for everyone and are only taught to those who show interest.

Check out our Schedule and Services.


Traditional Okinawa Martial Arts Center in Mesa and Gilbert

Welcome to our international martial arts center on the southern border of Mesa & northern border of Gilbert at the NE corner of Baseline & McDonald (between Country Club & Mesa Drive).

Adult Classes are minimal sized to provide individual attention to our new students by our Grandmaster and other instructors so you can accelerate your learning of traditional Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo: the original form of karate.

When you sign up, you can jump right into any of our evening adult and family classes or day time family classes and we will put you with one of our instructors one-on-one to accelerate your learning and help you catch up with the other students. Our head instructor, Soke Hausel, is a Hall-of-Fame grandmaster who taught at four universities and is recognized as a professor of budo (martial arts). Before opening the martial arts center in Mesa, he taught karate, kobudo, self-defense, samurai arts and jujutsu at the University of Wyoming for 30 years.

We primarily teach adults and families. However, we do have one kids class that is restricted. These kids learn traditional karate, kobudo and self-defense while our adult and family members train in self-defense, kata, kobudo, samurai arts, as well as the secrets of Shorin-Ryu karate. 

Kobudo (martial arts weapons) class (Thursday evenings) recently finished tonfa-jutsu, and now the class is focusing on sai-jutsu. And yes, you can join anytime as we will give you your own personnel instructor to help you catch up with the rest of the class.

Advanced Kobudo Class which follows our Open Kobudo Class reviews other weapons including bo-jutsu, nunchaku-jutsu. Wednesday night's self-defense class includes empty hand defenses and hanbo-jutsu.


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Downtown Mesa’s Celebration Of Freedom June 29 & 30

Downtown Mesa’s Celebration of Freedom is June 29 & 30 this year. This is Mesa’s 3rd annual Celebration of  Freedom is the show before the show on the Fourth of July. The event and in the past has attracted 70,000 to 100,000 people to the downtown area of Mesa. Just announced …. Singer/Actor John Schneider … Continue reading

Remodeled Historic 3 Bedroom Home In Downtown Mesa Arizona

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Martial Artists from Utah train in Mesa, Arizona

2014 Shorin-Ryu Karate Clinic at the Arizona Hombu in Mesa.
On May 2nd and 3rd, 2014, the Seiyo Kai International Hombu in Mesa Arizona welcomed yudansha from Matsumura-Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate from Murray Utah. The group traveled from Salt Lake International to Sky Harbor in Phoenix where they rented vehicles and drove to Gilbert, Arizona and checked into a motel located within a block of the martial arts training facility.

On Friday evening, the group was welcomed to the Arizona Hombu also known as the Arizona School of Traditional Karate at 60 W. Baseline Road on the Gilbert-Mesa border by Grandmaster Hausel. A hombu is an administrative dojo (martial arts gym) operated by the grandmaster of a particular style or system of karate. Soke Hausel welcomed Rob Watson, Hanshi/9th dan and his group of black belt instructors to train in the Seiyo Shorin-Ryu martial arts facility.

Training began with the Okinawan kata known as Rohai, which is an advanced black belt form and translates as 'vision of the crane'. After everyone learned the kata, the group broke up in pairs to learn the bunkai (practical self-defense applications) hidden in the kata.

Donna Drown defends against punch by Matt Schroeder. This technique, hidden in both the Useisan kata,
and Rohai kata and can be a devastating self-defense technique against a grab or punch.
At 9:30 pm, the group training ended and moved on to a local restaurant. Training resumed late Saturday morning with the group focusing on useishi kata also known as gojushiho kata (????) of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate with its bunkai. The kata is often referred to at the 'Drunken Monk' form in Okinawan dialect. In Japanese, it translates as 54 steps.

Ryan defends attack by Dennis during 2014 clinic in
Mesa, Arizona.
The clinic finished with training in hanbojutsu, a kobudo art which uses a 3-foot-stick for self-defense and restraints. For many years, such a baton was used by law enforcement agencies worldwide until many converted to the expandable baton. At 2:30 pm, the Utah karate experts said goodbye as they drove back to the airport to return to Utah.

Kris defends against attack by Neal using her hanbo.

Investment Opportunity In Downtown Mesa For 2 Bedroom House

Just came on the market for sale is this great Investment Opportunity In Downtown Mesa For 2 Bedroom House. You are literally 5 minutes from the new light rail station at Mesa Drive and Main Street in front of Pioneer Park and the Mesa LDS Temple. With Mesa now having announced that there will be … Continue reading

Historic 1915 Home In Downtown Mesa Arizona For Sale

Ever Want a Historic 1915 Home in Downtown Mesa Arizona? Now is your chance because one just came up for sale at 742 W. Main Street Mesa AZ. The asking price is a minor $495,000.   They say the owner might carry with reasonable down. From This property you are about a half mile in … Continue reading

Mesa’s Downtown Real Estate Will Rock on Saturday

On Saturday May 12th, Mesa’s Downtown real estate will rock on  Saturday as the Downtown Mesa Association will have their inaugural Mesa Rocks Block Party. The event will run from 2 -10 p. m.  and will close Main Street to traffic from Center Street to Country Club Drive. There will be couple of stages for … Continue reading

Baseball’s Spring Training Museum

When you think of spring training baseball in Mesa you think of the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs have been here longer than I can remember. Currently their training facilities are at Fitch Park and they play their games at Hohokam Stadium. That is all going to change in the near future as the voters of … Continue reading

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