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Information for Bullhead City, Arizona

Bullhead City, AZ

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Latitude: 35.115643 -- Longitude: -114.588655

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Bullhead City has a desert climate, with a few inches of precipitation year-round. It is one of the United States's hottest cities during the summer, with an average July high of 109 degrees Fahrenheit degrees. The month with the most average precipitation is August, with 0.99 inch or 25 millimeters. Interestingly, Bullhead City is located on the always-flowing Colorado River, is cursed with high daily humidity, and yet has truly desert measures of precipitation. The town was originally known as "Hardyville", named after William Harrison Hardy, who worked as a postmaster, county supervisor and a member of the Territorial Legislature. When the railroad bypased the town, it quickly became a ghost town until the construction of the Davis Dam. The name "Bullhead City" is taken from "Bull Head's Rock", a rock formation along the Colorado River. During the days of riverboats, it was used as a navagation point. -- Source:

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A great place to find local homes for sale in Bullhead City Arizona, including new homes, condos and foreclosures. Custom FREE relocation packets available for homebuyers moving to Bullhead City Arizona, News from newspapers, both Arizona and national newspapers. Search for Bullhead City Arizona jobs and help wanted. Bullhead City Arizona movie listings along with local weather. Find a Realtor licensed in Bullhead City Arizona who is experienced in helping homebuyers move to Bullhead City Arizona. Find census data or local information about Bullhead City Arizona or on other Arizona cities.

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Makes sense. Even though rates are incredibly low, they’re significantly higher than last spring. It’s the delta. “Changes in fundamentals such as rising mortgage rates can account for much of the sluggishness in existing home sales over the past year,” Krainer said. Home resales have slowed sharply since the second half of 2013, declining in […]

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We are a pet friendly community. Sometimes it’s easy to forget some of the basic rules when it comes to our little loved ones. It’s the law. Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated. Title 11. Counties. Chapter 7. Intergovernmental Operations. Article 6. Animal Control. Citation: AZ ST § 11-1012  Citation: A. R. S. § 11-1012 “…Each dog shall be […]

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